Daughter and Eve: A Mothering Moment

April is National Poetry month as well as the Month of the Young Child (see previous post) and as such, I wanted to share a poem I wrote about a mothering moment I had with my first child…who also turned 7 this month (just too much synchronicity for me to let the month get away). This poem is especially meaningful to me because I wrote it after recovering from postpartum depression, during which I didn’t write, and I wasn’t mindful, and I just survived by the skin of my teeth.  This sincere and simple poem captures a long-awaited and hard-won moment at the pool with my toddler. Anyone who has suffered and then felt better may appreciate it, whatever the circumstance.

For you Mom readers: summer is upon us and many of you will be at the pool with your own children soon, I hope for moments such as this for you.

Be well.


Daughter and Eve*

By Kate Ferguson


Like this, I say, putting the red skin

to my mouth, then returning it to hers


I feel baby teeth

digging in


the crunch of flesh

giving way


She takes the fruit

in a two-hand grasp,


smiles into another taste

juice dripping down her chin


pick me up, she says

so I do


right there

next to the swimming pool


her back against my belly

still wet hair against my chest


She is bare skinned and unashamed,

white and unfreckled in my arms


I stare into the water, try to remember

everything about this closeness


Tired of my touch, she breaks

from my arms, taking the core with her.


*(As appeared in 2013 Iodine Poetry Journal, rights revert to author after publication)



  • Sonia

    Oh Kate. What a lovely memory for you to share, and one that provoked sweet memories of my own.ReplyCancel

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